City Kitty close up babyI’m on a beach. There’s a breeze and my hair is being tousled. The sun is beating down on my face and as I stretch I hear a scratching noise above my head. What is that noise I think to myself, the soft tap tap tap…then splash!

Before I can awake from my dream I am drenched in water. I open my eyes wide to find myself in our Delaware apartment on the couch taking a nap, drenched in water. Dustin begins to yell and rushes to my aid, grabbing at the glass of water that has already been dumped over my head and onto all of my blankets. He’s too late. City Kitty has struck again. She has even managed to get a head shot.

Where's City Kity Box

Where's City Kitty?

For months now our kitty, City has been knocking down glasses of liquids all over our apartment. Any cup that has a liquid in it that she can’t place her paw in she will gently push it off counters and side tables alike. One out of three times we will hear the small taps from her paw to the side of a cup of coffee or glass of water and will grab it before she pushes it off a surface. Other times we aren’t so lucky and our carpet tells tales of a kitty who’s seen her share of spills. Kitty On Laptop

Today I,  her mother, was her target as she pushed my glass of water off the side table onto my head while I slept.

On some days I want to speak with our cat and tell her to behave herself. Other days I take a hold of the situation and realize she is a cat, an animal with a small brain that cannot comprehend human logic. I also tell myself that she can’t get a side job to pay for the stains adorning our rental apartment’s carpet.

City Kitty: From Orphan To Ornery Spoiled Princess

On this note I would like to tell you the shortest tale of how City came into our life and how we didn’t forget her in the tale of our rerouted journey.

City’s name was decided even before she came home to our studio apartment downtown Chicago. When Dustin and I decided to move to a city (Chicago) we dreamt of getting a kitty together. We both love all animals and cats have a special place in our hearts as we both have had them growing up. As a joke I mentioned we should name our “made up cat” City Kitty since we were moving to a city. (We also joked to call our other make believe cats Suburban and Rural)City Kitty Looking Up

Once our families heard of our wish to have a cat they continued to ask us about the famed “City Kitty”. It didn’t come as a surprise when at my bridal shower my awesome aunt got us everything for a new addition to the family. Included in my gift was even a carrying case with our Chicago address and City’s name. City also already had a personalized treat kit, treats, toys, a drinking bowl, eating bowl, and anything else you could imagine a cat would want and need.

Unhappy First Bath Kitty

Kitty's First Bath

Chicago was sometimes lonely for me when we first moved there. I didn’t know a living soul and spent a ton of time visiting with the Pakistani general store owner in our complex and the concierges. After a few weeks I began to beg Dustin for the cat we imagined and had everything for. My first real trip on the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) was dedicated to adopting City Kitty and on a Friday evening we made our way to the Anti-Cruelty Society downtown Chicago. Although I got off at the wrong stop I finally made it to the Society. Once there I met Dustin and we proceeded to go in. The adoption center was closing and we only had five minutes to choose our new baby.

Kitty In Box

City was the tiniest and the loudest in the center. She had a red little collar that marked that she was a girl. There were beautiful markings all along her back and two black rings around her neck, not unlike painted on necklaces. Her huge green eyes stared back up at us as she meowed time and time again. Once we held her I knew we would be her parents and she did too. The volunteers asked if we wanted to come back in the morning since the center was closing but we didn’t want to. We knew she was the one. After meeting with a counselor, answering questions and passing the interview we were handed City and placed her in her new carrier with her name.

City On HeadOn the bus I panicked. I would be responsible for this little life. Before coming to pick her up I had grabbed a coffee and had read book after book about kittens at our local book shop sitting cross-legged on the floor. How complicated could this little ball of fur be? After the tenth person craned their neck to see the tiny meowing being on the bus we smiled. We were kitten parents and so happy to have her as part of our lives.

Where's Kitty Clothing

Play The Game: Where's City?

It’s been two years and the stories go on and on about mischievous City Kitty. There have been health scares when she became Darth Vador Kitty with a nasal infection and great times when she has enjoyed house forts we have built for her. Otherwise known as City, she loves to play with her daddy and enjoys her mouse filled with catnip. When she’s feeling loving she’ll curl on the couch with me and she lets me pet her. When she’s not tipping water over my head she’s meowing loudly (roaring) at flies and birds out the window like a little hunter.

So What’s Her Part In the Rerouted Journey?

In July we will begin introducing City to her new home while we travel. She will be staying with her grandparents (Dustin’s mum, dad, sister, and brother) in Ohio and will be getting a new playmate named Spunky. In addition to skyping with us frequently while we are on the road she will also be getting her own spotlight section on our blog. (Look out for it coming soon. We think it will be called Ask City where readers can ask City questions about her parents and her life.)

On behalf of City I can share as her mum that she is excited to be with her new family but a little scared. She’s going to be living in a much larger home and will have to get used to another kitty and a house bunny named Bun Bun who was saved by Dustin’s dad when being used as bait for coyotes during a storm. She will be extremely spoiled and will look forward to being reunited with her parents. Her dad even says that leaving her will be the hardest part of our entire journey and he might just cry at our parting.


Do You’re Part

1. We believe in adopting pets. Check out your local shelter to find out how to adopt and the benefits of adopting instead of purchasing pets from stores and breeders. Read this article for some useful information about adoption.

2. Make sure you think long and hard about pet adoption. In our case we have a back up plan for City that includes a loving home and we plan on financially supporting her while traveling. Cats can live up to 15 years, can you parent that long?

3. Having animals means making your home “accident proof,” taking them for annual check ups, and other adultish things. Make sure you can commit time to your animal and the finances necessary to give them a loving and safe environment.