Hi friends. A HUGE request that would really help us here at ReroutedJourney.com.

I have been writing about my travel experiences since I was old enough to hold a compass. There is an amazing opportunity to get my writing recognized and win us a trip to ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD for 4 people (including airfare). Intrepid travel is holding a competition for those who consider themselves intrepid travelers. (intrepid means fearless) I have submitted a written story of my time serving in Africa.

Dustin and I are almost obsessive with The One and Only Les Stroud who happens to be one of the judges. Les tackles the outdoors like nobody’s business but our favorite aspect of his travel is a series called Beyond Survival that encourages the protection of dying people groups around the world. (I could go on and on about how amazing and culturally competent he is …) Other judges include Charley Boorman, Pauline Frommer, and and Felicity Harley. If my entry is in the top ten it will be reviewed by these amazing travelers.  Since this is based on VOTES. It’s up to you to help me win. Please take a few minutes out of your day and vote for my entry. (You can only vote once so you’re off the hook about voting again and again or at a specific time)

You can vote for and read my entry here! 

If I’m blessed to win, Dustin and I plan on using the opportunity to visit the states and come home for Christmas once while traveling in India or to continue to travel and serve.