unnamed-2Our good friend is a teacher at a local high school. She’s pretty awesome and asked us to help chaperone her field trip to Columbus. Melissa has a GIGANTIC heart for kids and she’s always planning fun things for them to do. It’s difficult to get parents and relatives to come on her trips since they are during the day.

In comes The Montgomery’s! Since we both work from home, it’s easier for us to change our schedule around and help out (AKA working on weekends). We helped out before Christmas and got to go to a Cleveland Cavilers game. It was tiring but really informative. To begin, we take the kids to a local college and then we take them to an FCCLA event at the Nationwide Arena in downtown Columbus. I hadn’t heard of FCCLA until I met Melissa. It’s basically a leadership club that promotes “personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education.” Melissa was a state leader for four years and enjoys being a part of the organization.

The event at the Blue Jackets includes having professionals come and present to the high schoolers. They are able to ask questions and learn about college. Including in the presenters were a director of marketing, a sales person, and a chef. It was very cool to hear about jobs and also to tour the stadium. We also took the students to Ohio Dominican University, a college in Columbus and they took a tour. I was excited that we got hats that said the Blue Jackets and got to go to the game! It’s really awesome that we get to help out with things like this. You fall in love with the kids and laugh a lot.