It’s late. I know. Summer was a really tough time for us as I was sick for all of it and when we did things it was a painful experience so I didn’t feel like writing or blogging about them. The pain is but a memory and as I recover I’m being brave and looking back on the days that were the darkest. Jesus somehow remains faithful and offers glimpses of hope even in the valley of death. Among being in the hospital a ton and not being able to get out of bed most days we did do some fun activities this summer. Dustin bought my concert tickets to The Shins, my favorite band and we went to the Asian Festival in Columbus with some of our friends, Marlaina and Richard. We also managed to get some HUGE ice cream cones at a country store. Enjoy!

The Shines

We didn’t bring our SLR to the concert but Kayley took this photo of The Shins with her Iphone.

Sisters at Pei Wei

Kayley, my sister and I eating before the concert. Pei Wei was one of favorite places to eat in Columbus. It’s an asian restaurant owned by P.F. Changs, another one of favorite places (but pricer).

Three of Us At The Shins

Kayley, I, and Dustin waiting for the concert to begin. It was freezing! So glad we brought coats.

Nan at the Asian Festival

Dustin’s meal at the Asian Festival in Columbus. Nan bread and something else yummy.

Performer at asian festival

A dancer at the festival.

Bubble Tea

This is why we came: Bubble Tea! (an asian drink of blended tea with tapioca bubbles in the bottom drank through a thick straw)


Tip Jar.

Street Food


Dustin at Asain Festival

Dustin enjoying his street food.

chicken at the assian festival


woman dancer


Huge Ice Cream MOM

My mum (Kim) trying to down the huge ice cream cone.

Dustin Ice Cream

Dustin enjoying his HUGE ice cream cone. Picture doesn’t do it justice.

Mum and Sister Summer

My mum and sister, Kim and Kayley

Puppies Dustin

We lived with our parents for awhile while I was sick. My mums dogs (Meeko and Snickers) loved to cuddle and take naps.

Even though the summer was hard: physically, emotionally, and spiritually…Jesus reigned and these pictures show joy.