As I’m preparing for India I’ve been thinking a lot about photography and our new Nikon. In attempt to smother it with the love akin to a first-born-male-child-in China (or the like) I’ve found a few photography purchases to contemplate. Now, as you know I’m trying to be a responsible adult and not purchase cute, un-needed items in slew of our trip to India BUT I couldn’t help but lust after share the following items.

Camera Cookie Cutter Set

The Camera Cookie Cutter Set

I can imagine myself in the cutest Anthropologie apron baking these adorable cookies and sharing them with our hip-photography loving neighbors. Included in the set is an SLR, a classic range finder and a twin reflex camera. For only $18 and a life supply of picture-worthy cookies; I’d shutter imagining NOT having them in my domesticated life.

Felt Camera Case

I Felt Photogenic Camera Case


Mod Cloth always has the very best purses and accessories. When I came upon this beautiful camera case I about ran out and bought a camera to fit in the case! Later it dawned on me that this cute, retro case could also be used to hold accessories and other much-loved electronics.

Diana F+ Camera

Diana F+


Mad love to the cult-favorite Diana F+. After receiving a beautiful light blue one as a Christmas gift I still haven’t purchased the film which is about $25 a roll. I’m dying to get out and take some cool lomo-shots and will just have to bite the bullet and cough up the change for the expensive film. If you haven’t heard of lomography check it out and let me know your thoughts.