Valentine’s Day was extra special this year. 

Our good friend Lindsey decided to get tattooed with us by Ali McGregor from Cap City Tattoo. Lindsey was inked with a beautiful tribute to our good friend Jon Pound who passed away two years ago from cancer. He had always dreamed of going to India and loved books about Ghandi and Mother Teresa. He had the word “Hope” in Hindi tattooed above his chemotherapy port. A lot of our friends and his family members have gotten the same tattoo as a tribute to him and his calling. Lindsey helped design the lettering and had the tattoo done above her heart. A group of friends and us came to support her. Chris, surprised everyone by taking off her sweatshirt to reveal a t-shirt with Jon’s face on it! We all laughed and cried a little as we remembered our good friend. Among all who were there was: Spencer, Chris and Kenzie, Lindsey and Dustin and I.

My Vintage Frame

Inspired by a white-board, and empty frame…I got an antique frame with the word “empathy” tattooed on my left wrist. God is constantly bringing people to my mind to pray for and I am always scribbling with sharpies (I have the 80’s inspired set) on my arm. Now that I have a blank frame, I can place people’s names or other types of words and concepts to meditate on, on my wrist. I’ve already had many names, quotes, and Bible verses written in my perfect frame. This tattoo was extremely painful and probably the worst one I’ve gotten. The traditional banner hits my wrist bone on both sides and the nerve endings hurt like crazy. I braved it out though and Alli, our artist, even called me her “brave little soldier.” (for the record, I didn’t cry!)

 The Compass

Dustin continued to work on his “nautical themed arm” and got a beautiful compass on his forearm. I think it’s really awesome and it flows really well with the shape of his arm. He said it didn’t hurt at all and really enjoyed getting it done. His next tattoo will probably be of a gigantic ship as soon as we have the money to invest.

 Our Date

After grabbing a delicious lunch of butternut squash soup and chicken salad on a croissant from What’s For Dessert, we headed to C-bus with coffee in tow. We listened to great music and we were excited to hang out with our friends at the tattoo studio. Once there we all took turns running over to the coffee house across the street in the historic district of Columbus and grabbed lattes and Cliff bars. After eight hours there, Dustin and I were ready to eat. We drove to Easton Town Center and I got to go to my all time favorite store: LUSH Cosmetics. (More on them later). I purchased some bath bombs and natural deodorant and then we were seated at P.F. Changs for a late dinner. Our waiter noticed the familiar black-trash-bag-like wraps on our arms and asked about our tattoos. We decided to have a go at the Prixe Fix Menu which included two entrees, an appetizer, two soups, and two desserts. We devoured the lettuce wraps and sipped the soup. We ordered sweet and sour chicken and a spicy chicken dish and shared, reaching over each other’s plates. After eating so much, we asked for our dessert to go and after getting home and taking a bubble bath with my new bath bomb I layed in the bed and ate my tiramisu! Honestly, this Valentine’s Day was one of the BEST and I was so excited to spend time with the love of my life and some of our dearest friends. So many people forget to celebrate love and relationships everyday and it was a great time to step back and reflect on how fortunate we are to have each other and other amazing humans in our lives.