Living at The Belmont in Lakeview was an absolute blast. While I worked in Chicago my husband Dustin and I lived in a studio on the water. There were awesome concierge’s (Shout out to Ibraham, Marcus, & John) and amazing views of Belmont Harbor. It was an absolute blast living on the tenth floor and in our first year of marriage we even adopted a little kitten named City.

The Belmont Lobby

Inside the Lobby

Old Movies In The Belmont Lobby

Old Movies Would Play Here


Looking Out From The Belmont Lobby

The rooftop had a great herb garden that you could pick herbs from for cooking and two large grills with seating. Surround sound on the rooftop was fun because you could play DJ and plug in your Ipod. We really enjoyed watching movies up there and enjoyed the massive fire pit too! In the warm weather we would always grill out or bring a glass of wine up there to enjoy the view and the sail boats on the harbor.

Revolving Door at The Belmont

Revolving Door


Revolving Art at The Belmont

Revolving Art


The Belmont Lobby Seating


From the rooftop you could see the Sears tower and the Lake since we were right off Lakeshore Drive. There was a club room that offered a full sized kitchen, flat screens, light dimmers, and a pool table. We also would use the state of the art gym on the penthouse floor. In the lobby there was an art gallery and the community would welcome a new artist every month complete with a reception. Appetizers and wine were often offered and you could mingle with the neighbors at several parties a year.

The Belmont Rooftop

Rooftop Fire Pit


View From The Belmont Rooftop


Lake Michigan from The Belmont Rooftop

We'd Take Turns Spying in the Neighbors Rooms


One of my favorite things The Belmont did was offer a coffee shop in the lobby. For 75 cents you could grab a Krups tea or coffee on your way to work. I was always fishing in my purse for quarters before missing the bus for our morning commute. Dustin and I would actually ride the CTA to work together and then I would take another bus or subway to get to the South Side. Dustin worked right down town above Union Station on the twentieth floor for Option Monster Holdings Inc. I worked as the Community Relations Specialist for the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Eating On The Belmont Rooftop Looking Toward Downtown Chicago

Pasta on the Rooftop


Looking at Belmont Harbor From The Belmont Rooftop

Belmont Harbor


Belmont Harbor and Lake Michigan

It’s important to note that we were within walking distance of EVERYTHING and our walking score was 98. Over 300 food places delivered to our room and we had an attached dry cleaners, salon, and convenient store where we would grab Tylenol and an occasional munchie. It’s kind of crazy to think that when we lived here we were only 21 and 23. I had just turned 21 before we moved in and on more than one occasion someone thought Dustin was a delivery bod instead of a resident.

Ceiling Inside The Belmont

Coffee Shop and Fireplace inside The Belmont

Coffee Shop w/ Fireplace


More of the The Belmont Lobby

Lobby & Elevators

In the evenings The Belmont would play old silent black and white movies on the flat screens in the lobby. I remember sitting by the fire and listening to the classic music play softly. It felt quite similar to a 20’s hotel. After speaking with a resident that had lived there for many years she shared that there was once a grand baby piano in the lobby. The indoor parking garage used to be a huge ballroom. Our studio, which was less than 500 square feet was $1000.00 a month with included utilities. Although it was tiny, the ceilings were huge and the view spectacular. We really loved the Belmont and later needed a bigger place so moved to Lincoln Square; a smaller neighborhood further north of Chicago off the Western brown line.

Outside of The Belmont Building

Outside of The Belmont


In addition to the above amenities, The Belmont offered valet parking for $200 a month and had an awesome business room with computers, a copy machine, and a huge meeting room. Last but not least one of my favorite parts of living there was the beautiful letter shoot that went up to the Penthouse-you would drop a letter from the tenth floor and it would fall into the ornate gold box on the first floor. I thought many mornings about how many old letters had gotten caught in there-since it had been around since the 1800s.

Eating On The Belmont Rooftop

Outdoor Kitchen On The Belmont Rooftop

Look, it’s our kitten who loved The Belmont!

City Kitty Laying On a Laptop

City Kitty


City Kitty Hiding In A Magazine Holder