Exofficio Womens Underwear PackedBut, ExOfficio had it in mind before I had ever heard of travel underwear or their kick butt brand of world travel clothing. Now let me be clear, I like my underwear just as you do clean and comfortable but if there’s a way to travel with less and still get those qualities sign me up. After many weeks researching for the very best in travel clothing I was introduced to ExOfficio Give-N-Go Underwear. These underwear are a literal God-send for those like us who plan on traveling to remote places with only our pack on our backs.

The Give-N-Go underwear are uber quick drying, highly breathable, tagless, treated with Aegis Microbe Shield (to prevent stank), and have a low-profile ⅝” waist line. They aren’t ugly which is a plus so you don’t feel like you’re wearing your great grandma’s high waisted skin tone nasties and they come in many styles such as boy cut, low rise, and even thongs. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first but after receiving them in the mail and trying them on I was hooked. For about $20 you can purchase a pair that will last forever (at least two years) and will make your pack light. The tag line for these personables is “17 Countries. 6 Weeks. One Pair of underwear. (OK maybe two.)”

Upon trying on the underwear I was surprised at how lightweight they were. If I hadn’t known better I would’ve thought I was going commando. The weight (or lack of) is excellent and the best part is the moisture wicking capability. Knowing that I’ll be in 100 plus degree heat and sitting for long periods of time was giving me a mild anxiety attack. I’ll be the first to admit that  things get rather clammy down there and these underwear keep it fresh. In addition to wicking away moisture from your body, the Give-N-Go’s can be washed in a hostel sink or by a river and dry within a few hours.

Ordering two pairs was doable after I tried on the underwear and wore them but I decided on ordering a few extras for India. (The bikini-style wine colored ones were too cute). In addition to offering undies ExOfficio also offers coordinating lace camisoles which add some sexy to this travel wear. I’ll be offering up some more reviews on these later.Exofficio Womens Underwear Out

Dustin has been rocking the men’s briefs and I’ll admit that they’re pretty great. I think he’s on day eight and has been cleaning them in our sink to get a good feel of how they’ll hold up in India. Check out Dustin’s review here.

Concluding- these underwear are the best on the market. Almost any review I read led me straight to the ExOfficio brand. If the undies weren’t cool enough the packaging is awesome and the plastic pouch they come in can be reused for documents or to organize junk drawers. Like they say, keep your clothes close and your underwear closer.