View from our room at the Embassy Suites on the 27th floor!

Tuesday, March 11th:

Morning: Dustin worked in the morning and then we ate lunch at Wendys. We headed out to Niagara On the Lake for wine tours and a chocolate factory tour. I somehow forgot our vouchers in the room but we still enjoyed ourselves. We got lost on the way there and Dustin ended up accidentally running into a strip club for directions. It was hilarious when he walked out laughing. I didn’t believe him until we looked at the sign for “Private Eyes” and “Jugs and Wings” We thought it was a diner. We ended up going to a huge ice winery looking for the chocolate factory which resembled a castle. Once we finally got to our tour we couldn’t believe we made it in time! The tour was really well put together at Chocolate FX. We got to see into the factory and learn about how chocolate is made. There were kids on the tour and they seemed to love it too. At the beginning and end you could try unlimited samples. This was a huge bonus as we stood and had a zillion chocolate covered coffee beans. With our voucher we got 2 chocolate covered strawberries and we purchased two ice wine truffles.

We explored the area and were impressed by the HUGE houses. Everywhere you looked were wineries and it was nice just driving around. Niagara On the Lake is only a thirty minute drive from Niagara Falls. We stopped in at Sunnybrook Farm Estate Winery. It was a quaint little winery with free flights for two that I found a coupon for. We got to try ice wine and lots of fruit wines. We ended up having to purchase the Peach Ice Wine. It was so incredible! It was gone before we headed home. Angel Inn is a historic inn and restaurant in Old Town. We weren’t hungry but checked it out and walked around. There’s a ghost tale surrounding the place and we were impressed by the 18th century floors. Walking around Old Town was fun but the shops were all alike and pricey.


Inside the chocolate factory



Samples upon samples



Ice wine truffles are one of their specialties. They use wine from local wineries to create them. They were good-but not as amazing as the price tag.


We each got a free chocolate


No shame. Eating all the samples.


Sunnybrook Estate Winery…beautiful in the winter. They make ice wine which is made from frozen grapes and other fruit.




Wandering around Old Town






Loving the huge whirlpool tub at Embassy Suites


Happy and carefree. Taking selfies in bed

Evening: Heading back to Niagara Falls, we went along the Niagara River and got to see beautiful homes and the Robert Moses Niagara Hydroelectric Power Station. Checking into the Embassy was easy. Dustin refused to pay $35 for valet parking and dropped me off. We parked at the Casino for only $5! Our room took our breathe away. On the 27th floor we had the most magnificent view of the falls. I can’t remember a hotel room where we had a better view. Two chairs were facing the window and we sat for a bit and took it all in. The room was BIG! I loved the jacuzzi but we didn’t need the living room with couch, dining table, and TV. We’ve learnt that we don’t need a lot of space in a hotel room but this was worth the view. After we got ready, we went to the Manager’s Reception. All Embassy Suites have an event in the evening that includes free drinks and snacks. Some are better than others. We each grabbed a drink and snacks. Dustin was over-joyed they offered hummus. We sat and enjoyed the view of the falls and then checked in to The Keg.

The Keg was our “fancy dinner.” It was on the falls on the 9th floor of the hotel. The Groupon voucher had came with a $30 off coupon. We waited for a table by the window and weren’t disappointed! Our meal was fantastic. I ordered the Chicken Supreme which was a chicken breast filled with mushrooms and a balsamic cream sauce. It came with a twice baked potato and vegetables. Dustin ordered a teriyaki steak. As a appetizer we had mushrooms with  cream cheese and crab. After a great dinner we headed to the room to enjoy the view and eat our chocolates and drink the rest of our wine! I also enjoyed the whirlpool tub.



Oh La La! taking it up a notch for dinner.


Chicken Supreme: chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms and covered in a balsamic reduction cream sauce.


Teriyaki steak


Mushrooms with cream cheese and crab


The view form our table at The Keg. We made reservations around the time the sun was setting so we could enjoy the view in the daylight and at night.


Wednesday, March 12th:

We were planning on going home this day. We woke up early and had breakfast at the hotel. A neat thing about the Embassy is that you get to sit in The Keg for breakfast. Had we had known that we would get a free meal with a view of the falls the next morning, we may have not spent as much on the meal before. BUT it was delicious and special. You couldn’t see the falls as well because of the snow. It was snowing a lot! We headed over to the IMAX movie which was included. It was cool because Dustin had never been to an IMAX. I prayed for an opportunity to give away our extra two tickets and a nice Canadian family were paying for theirs. We were able to save them $40 for the two adult tickets. It was really great helping them out. They even had their daughter thank us. Attractions here are so expensive. I probably wouldn’t do a lot without coupons and vouchers. The movie was fun. It told the story of the falls. It was called Niagara: Miracles, Myth and Magic. Our tickets included 1/2 off of the Daredevil Exhibit. This was one of my favorite things in the entire trip. You got to see footage of people going over the falls and see the contraptions that went over. It was creepy seeing barrels people died in…but it was very educational! We both jumped in a few and took photos. Afterward we used up our tokens at Captain Jack’s Pirate Cove and then headed out. The weather was terrible. There were many accidents and we only made it to Buffalo. After calls from parents and prayer we decided to stay in a hotel. We stayed and worked and enjoyed free cookies until the blizzard settled and left the next morning. We later found out there were two huge car pile ups in Ohio! So glad to have gotten home safe.


At the Daredevil Exhibit.


Going over the falls at the Daredevil Exhibit

Overall the trip was amazing. More than finding deals and planning trips, I enjoy actually taking them. There’s something magical that happens when you’re in a new place and experiencing new things together. As we live for Jesus, He’s taken us places we would have never dreamt of. On our way home we just kept talking about how good God is all the time. He’s given us this passion for challenging the status quo and living differently.