Icy Niagra Falls


Leaving on Dustin’s 27th birthday, we headed up to Niagara Falls from Mansfield. It only took us a little over five hours. We listened to good music and I read one of Anne Lamott’s books aloud. We stopped to get Starbucks to keep us awake! Crossing the United States border was easy and before you knew it we were looking at the falls! We stayed at the Sheraton the first night and were upgraded to a jacuzzi room because it was Dustin’s birthday. Here’s a little breakdown of what we did and saw. If you’d like to see the breakdown of our costs check out this post.

Sunday, March 9th: arrived at the Sheraton, went to Outback Steakhouse, ordered pizza in the room and slept for the next day! I, Tiffany also enjoyed the massive heart-shaped Jacuzzi.


We made it to the border!


The birthday boy driving

Heart Jacuzzi

This Jacuzzi was amazing.

Laying in bed

Tired after the drive

Monday, March 10th:

Work work.


Morning: Dustin woke up early and worked in the room. (He works from home so he can work from anywhere). There was a Starbucks in the lobby so he grabbed some caffeine while I slept. We headed out to IHOP and had breakfast. Afterwards we worked in the Starbucks for two hours. It was really lovely hearing other languages being spoken and getting some much-needed writing done. Afterwards we were ready to explore more! The falls was super close (5 minute walk) so we walked to the falls. It was so pretty. Dustin kept saying it reminded him of the Arctic. There weren’t a ton of people looking at the falls so we took a lot of photos and spent a lot of time just taking it all in. There’s a visitors center right at the top of the falls and we sat and rested there. It was pretty cold! After that, we went to Ruth Chris‘ for our two free drinks. Dustin got a Canadian beer and I got a mix drink. Although they were pretty weak, they were absolutely free! We enjoyed the space and watched out the window.

Colorful gloves

Ice & Pretty Gloves

Iced over Niagra Falls


Cold outside


Taking pictures

My cute husband taking pictures

Locks at Niagra Falls

Some people leave locks

Cold at the falls


Pizza from East Side Marios

Pizza from East Side Marios

Rerouted Journey at Niagra Falls

Us at the Falls!

Sign at Niagra Falls


pancakes for lunch

He hates pancakes but loves syrup

pretty lady


Icy waterfall


Evening: The Wyndam was less than two minutes away. We checked in and relaxed in the room. It was a beautiful space. Brand new and decorated really well. Our room was very large and had a coffee maker with Wolfgang Puck coffee! Dustin and I rested and looked up a place to eat. We then headed to MJ’s Lounge and ordered drinks. I got a chocolate shake (the best ever) and Dust ordered a beer (he hated it). He ended up drinking some of my shake! Then we visited with the bartender, Terri who lived locally. She encouraged us to check out Old Town which is in Niagara On the Lake. We then went to The Flying Saucer. A crazy, local spot which looks like a flying saucer. Dustin ordered the iconic Poutine which is a Canadian dish with fries, gravy, and cheese. Once we filled up we drove to the Greg Frewin Theater.

The magic show was good! Not on par with shows we’ve seen in Vegas but it was great for free. Greg did the typical magic tricks and we couldn’t figure out how he did any of them. We especially loved the use of tigers and exotic birds in the show. The baby white tiger was my favorite. The show is a dinner show but we didn’t do the buffet. The seating was ok but you couldn’t see great. The show was sold out because of Canadian’s March Break and there were a lot of kids. The jokes were family-focused and funny. I wouldn’t do it again but enjoyed it. Later we headed to Captain Jack’s Pirate Cove which is an arcade. We each had $50 in tokes and played skeeball, drove race cars, and obsessed over the coin drop game. After a long, long, day we headed back to the room to sleep and watch some Canadian sports (curling and ice hockey)

Entrance to the Wyndham

Entrance to the Wyndham

Wyndham Hotel


Lobby at the Wyndham


Room at the Wyndham


Milkshake at the Wyndham

Best milkshake EVER! Thanks Terri!

Drinks at the Wyndham


The Flying Saucer

The Flying Saucer Restaurant

Menu at The Flying Saucer

Too many options make someone grumpy and confused

Best picture ever at The Flying Saucer

Best picture ever at The Flying Saucer