The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland

I realized that I never completely finished this travel series! A friend of mine mentioned it to me the other day and I logged on and realized I didn’t write about our time at The Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame.


Dustin exploring the museum

After staying the night in Playhouse Square downtown Cleveland, we slept in a bit then went downstairs for a breakfast buffet. The buffet was included in our getaway package and was held at the Encore Restaurant. As I mentioned earlier, The Wyndham had packages that made the stay much more affordable. We purchased the Rock and Roll Package which included valet service for 24 hours, two tickets to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the room and a gourmet breakfast buffet in the morning. The total was $205 without tax. Parking would’ve been $20 minimum and tickets to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were $25 each. The breakfast was about $13 per person. With the package, the savings made the hotel room only $109!


A Tribute to Michael Jackson

After a yummy breakfast which we considered to be our lunch too, we drove to the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. A lot of travelers will just go to where the parking is for an attraction…not us! It’s a lot cheaper to scope out the area and get cheap or free parking. To park right near the museum is $25 stinking dollars! Dustin has an application on his iPhone that showed us a parking garage close by for about $3-4. We had a short walk but not too bad.


Dustin considering wearing a Rolling Stones outfit

The museum was great! We both love music and find music history very interesting. I would’ve been disappointed for $25 per person though. Since we didn’t pay that, we enjoyed it a lot more. From Biggie Small’s t-shirt to Madonna’s cone bra, we saw it all! We spent probably 2 or 3 hours there and then were on our way home. Currently they have a Beatles exhibit that has some of the member’s pianos and the Music Festival Experience. We were excited for the music festival exhibit but weren’t very impressed. There was a movie and some artifacts from Woodstock. What I loved most was seeing clothing from artists.

Overall it was a spectacular get-a-way for our anniversary. I believe the Wyndham package is always going on and the Cleveland Museum of Art is always free.


Jimi Hendrix’s clothing


Movie poster from The Beatles


Biggie Small’s jersey