London Bridge London has always fascinated me. When I was younger I remember watching Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in the horribly cliche’ movie Winning London and dreaming of laughing at the Queen’s red cladded guards and exploring the cities’ beautiful royal monuments (ok, I admit I had the faux suede hat and tie dye pants). Whether catching a glimpse in a magazine of the latest fashion week or studying about Princess Diana and her tragic death, I’ve always felt drawn to the foggy city that inspired one of the largest grossing movie series and books of my time, Harry Potter.

Although London isn’t our primary exploration destination, I conveniently made sure to allow us about eight hours of touring time before finishing our trip to New Delhi, India from Chicago, USA. When planning and purchasing our tickets I believed eight hours would be plenty to see and experience London. Now, I know I won’t be able to even skim the surface of what London has to offer.
London Underground
I should of known better: one day is simply not enough to experience the best of a city. After living in Chicago for over a year, activities and experiences come to mind that we missed out on and would love to revisit and do. All of this being said, I’ve collected a list of everything I would like to do in London. Please feel free to share your suggestions and experiences as we will continue breaking the list down into a doable eight hour extrusion.

The Extensive Eight Hour London List (First Draft)

  1. Take a photo of us crossing Abbey Road and enjoy the studio from afar. (it’s not open to the public)
  2. Visit Charles Dickens’ house.
  3. Visit the London Transport Museum.
  4. Eat fish and chips at a London pub.
  5. Walk Oxford Street.
  6. Make a purchase at Harrods.
  7. Watch the changing of the guards.
  8. Kiss on top of a double decker bus.
  9. Visit platform 9 ¾ at the King’s Cross Railway Station.
  10. Ride the London Underground.
  11. Visit Princess Diana’s memorial.
  12. Enjoy afternoon tea.
  13. Visit the Churchill War Rooms.
  14. Browse bookstores in Notting Hill.
  15. See the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Park.
  16. Act like we’re students at Oxford.
  17. Have a drink at the Absolut Ice Bar.
  18. Get the famous red telephone booth shot.
  19. Browse Highgate Cemetery.
  20. Ride the London Eye.
  21. Visit the Tower of London.
  22. Tour Windsor Castle.
  23. Walk Up Big Ben.
  24. Eat dinner at the OXO tower restaurant.
  25. Watch Phantom of the Opera.
  26. Browse Borough Market.
  27. Enjoy a ballet.
  28. Stare down the Queen’s guard and try to make them laugh with “your mama” jokes.
  29. See Anne Boleyn’s grave sight and execution sight.
  30. Visit Olympic Village.
  31. Visit the British Music Experience Museum.
  32. Browse and window shop at Liberty.
  33. Visit Westminster Abbey.Red Phone Booth
  34. Visit Saint Paul’s Cathedral.
  35. Tour Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.
  36. See a play at the Globe Theater.
  37. Take a Thames River Cruise.
  38. Visit Kensington Palace and Gardens.
  39. Walk across the London Bridge.
  40. Do the All Hallows Tour by the Tower.
  41. See the London tombs.
  42. Visit Tate Modern Museum.
  43. Visit the Queen’s Gallery.
  44. Visit the British Museum.
  45. See City Hall.
  46. See the British Library.
  47. Visit the Huntarian Museum.
  48. Visit the Victoria and Albert Museum.
  49. Browse the Portobello Road Market.
  50. Visit Trafalgar Square.

Anything I’m missing? Feel free to comment below and help me decide what to see and do while in London for only eight hours!