July 30th marked our four year anniversary. It’s pretty hard to believe I’ve been a MRS for that long! As usual, we decided to go on a mini-adventure to celebrate. I organized a fun trip that included museums and yummy food on the cheap. Here’s a breakdown of what we did:


Driving up to Cleveland

On Saturday, August 9th we took our time waking up and packed. We left for Cleveland around 11:00am. Our first stop was a restaurant known for one thing: it’s massive grilled cheeses! Melt Bar and Grilled is a cheese lovers dream-come-true! Humongous sandwiches are packed with things like: pork belly, lasagna, crispy battered chicken, homemade meatballs and eggplant. The menu alone will take you at least twenty minutes to look over. Since we were going to visit the Cleveland Museum of Art, we stopped in at the location in Cleveland Heights.


Driving selfie

As we walked inside, we knew we would love every minute of it. Kitchy light up santa clauses and Easter rabbits were on display with exposed brick and vintage Dairy Queen signs. The menus were plastered onto old record covers. There was a large bar and plenty of people. We couldn’t help but giggle at a super hipster couple who not only had matching glasses but had matching hats. I looked around and couldn’t believe my eyes: the grilled cheeses were the biggest I’d ever seen! HUGE. LARGE. GIGANTIC. The portions were enough to share with 2-3 people. Dustin and I couldn’t decide on a sandwich to share so we each went out own way.

I ordered the Mushroom Melt which included garlic mushrooms, caramel port onions, arugula and provolone. Dustin went kinda crazy and ordered the Caribbean Jerk War Pig which had jerk spiced pulled pork and seared pork belly, mango habanero chutney, caribbean slaw, fried sweet plantains and pepper jack cheese. Each sandwich came with a large order of fries. Dustin couldn’t finish his and I finished mine but couldn’t take on the fries. (Mine was a little smaller). Instead of ordering a beer we opted for a handcrafted soda. Delicious. The sandwiches were $11-13. Not bad for the amount of food and atmosphere.


Inside Melt


The opposite side of the menus


The gigantic menu on an album cover


If you get a tattoo with the logo, you’ll get 25% off for life!


Dustin needed muscle to attack the sandwich

After hitting Melt, we drive about six minutes to the Cleveland Museum of Art. The museum is excellent and is absolutely free! One of the ways we saved money was that we parked on the street. We drove around and found metered parking which was less than $1 for about an hour and a half. We walked a little bit, but not too bad. The parking at the museum is $8. Exploring the museum was fun. They have a really cool knights exhibit with armor and weapons. Dustin and I really loved seeing the Christian pieces and the modern art section. There were furniture pieces from Frank Lloyd Wright and paintings by Monet. Very educational and really fun! Oh, and did I say free?


A royal chair at the museum


Us at the museum taking a break


An exhibit

For this portion of the trip we spent money on  the lunch and parking. Our lunch was $25 without tip. (2 meals and a drink to share) If we had had a refrigerator it could have easily fed us twice! The parking was $1. After we went to the museum, we checked into our hotel downtown and took a nap! Read more here.