A Trip To C-bus with Melissa and High School Students

Our good friend is a teacher at a local high school. She’s pretty awesome and asked us to help chaperone her field trip to Columbus. Melissa has a GIGANTIC heart for kids and she’s always planning fun things for them to do. It’s difficult to get parents and relatives to come on her trips since

When God Calls But Puts You On Hold

The skin on my arm felt pinched and the hospital bracelet on my left wrist plunked a few arm hairs. I bit my tongue hard, resisting the urge to curse under my breath and instead glanced around the waiting room. Dustin and I were the only one’s there and I could tell the Pain Management

Short Hair
Chopped Locks & A Donation Complete

As many of you know I committed to cutting my hair and donating it to Locks of Love earlier in this post. The journey was incredible and the experience fantastic. Currently I am struggling through some health issues that we have chosen not to share on Rerouted Journey (the choice to cut my hair early and lack of coverage

Tiffany's Long Hair
On Cutting My Hair

It began in middle school, really. I remember looking around the home class and staring at every other girls’ hair, outfit, and painted faces. Comparing myself to the countless blue-shadowed adversaries I found I was lacking in everything. How could I grab Andrew’s attention, (the top basketball/football player with gorgeous blue eyes and witty humor)

Ikea Colorful Bookshelf
An Experimental Mutiny Against Excessive Crap I Own

Why do I have so much excessive crap around our apartment? I brew some coffee, turn on Pandora radio and attempt to empty yet another storage bin from under the bed or box to find ten more filled with similar items. Everywhere I look are odds and ends

Dustin posing with children in Haiti
Why India?

One of the biggest questions we’ve received while preparing to travel the world and move to India has been: why in the world India? Whether asked from well-meaning family members or shocked strangers it remains one of the biggest questions and we attempt to gracefully answer it each time