Four Years of Married Bliss: The Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame

I realized that I never completely finished this travel series! A friend of mine mentioned it to me the other day and I logged on and realized I didn’t write about our time at The Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. After staying the night in Playhouse Square downtown Cleveland, we slept in a bit

A Trip To C-bus with Melissa and High School Students

Our good friend is a teacher at a local high school. She’s pretty awesome and asked us to help chaperone her field trip to Columbus. Melissa has a GIGANTIC heart for kids and she’s always planning fun things for them to do. It’s difficult to get parents and relatives to come on her trips since

Using Groupon & Living Social To Go To Niagara Falls

Instead of buying each other a lot of chocolate or corny Valentine’s Day things, we decided to use our money to go on a little getaway. In the past we’ve gotten tattooed for the Hallmark holiday but Dustin couldn’t think of what he wanted and we needed to check out of the house (and country)

Tiffany’s Top Picks: Welcome Spring!

Hey friends! I am super stoked about Spring! Here’s my very first VLOG! (one of many) I’ve titled it “Tiffany’s Top Picks” and I’ll make sure to share about what I’m digging every week or so. XOXO,

Choosing the Best Travel Laptop

What is the best travel laptop? Unfortunately there is no cut and dry answer to this question. Each person has different needs and will be traveling to different places. This was the most difficult travel purchase for me by far. When you spend as much time in front of the computer as I do, a


I held onto my blanket in the car as Dustin drove to Grady Memorial Hospital. I was sweating and having a hard time concentrating on the road. In less than an hour I would have a foot long needle inserted into my spine for a lumbar puncture to determine what was causing my debilitating headaches.

make up
How I Get All Of My Favorite Magazines Free & Enjoy the Melting Pot for Under $20

Since leaving college I’ve found myself perpetually broke. “Broke” not in the sense that I can’t afford ramen noodles, but “broke” in the sense that I can’t go out sometimes, order indulgent magazine subscriptions and afford The Melting Pot or The Signature Lounge on the 96th floor of the John Hancock building in Chicago. To be

Tiffany's Long Hair
On Cutting My Hair

It began in middle school, really. I remember looking around the home class and staring at every other girls’ hair, outfit, and painted faces. Comparing myself to the countless blue-shadowed adversaries I found I was lacking in everything. How could I grab Andrew’s attention, (the top basketball/football player with gorgeous blue eyes and witty humor)

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