Wooster Won Us Over

Last night we wanted to go out but were tired of the same old places in town. (You know the drill, you ask “Where do you want to eat?” and Dustin replies “I don’t know. Nothing sounds good. Where do YOU want to eat?”) We love Cheddars and Olive Garden but wanted a smaller restaurant

Four Years of Married Bliss: Playhouse Square On the Cheap

After looking online, I decided we should check out Cleveland. We’ve been to Columbus and Cincinnati since moving back to Ohio and haven’t spent a lot of time exploring up north. I was hesitant about downtown hotels and was curious about the walkability of the city. After spending a lot of time looking at hotels

Celebrating Four Years Of Married Bliss In Cleveland: Melt and The Cleveland Museum of Art

July 30th marked our four year anniversary. It’s pretty hard to believe I’ve been a MRS for that long! As usual, we decided to go on a mini-adventure to celebrate. I organized a fun trip that included museums and yummy food on the cheap. Here’s a breakdown of what we did: On Saturday, August 9th

A Getaway to the Frozen Falls Tuesday-Wednesday

Tuesday, March 11th: Morning: Dustin worked in the morning and then we ate lunch at Wendys. We headed out to Niagara On the Lake for wine tours and a chocolate factory tour. I somehow forgot our vouchers in the room but we still enjoyed ourselves. We got lost on the way there and Dustin ended

A Getaway to the Frozen Falls Sunday-Monday

Leaving on Dustin’s 27th birthday, we headed up to Niagara Falls from Mansfield. It only took us a little over five hours. We listened to good music and I read one of Anne Lamott’s books aloud. We stopped to get Starbucks to keep us awake! Crossing the United States border was easy and before you

A Chicagoan’s Love For Argo Tea

Argo Tea is the new “Starbucks” of tea and Chicagoans know it. Advancing to Boston, New York, and St. Louis, this tea shop knows tea! With the zen-like green logo and enticing glass tea pots this tea shop located in numerous places around Chicago including Lakeview, the Loop and Streeterville, is a new hang out

Windy City, Warm Tea: Intelligentsia Coffee

If you ever find yourself wandering around north Broadway Avenue in Chicago you may stop in your tracks as hypnotic fumes fill your lungs. You may also grab the arm of the nearest person around you and ask with urgency what this smell could possible be in all of the earth and how you can