I’ve been wanting another tattoo for awhile before leaving for India in July. It just so happened that I was sick for Valentine’s Day so I asked Dustin if I could get a tattoo instead of a romantic date. He obliged and before I knew it we were both at Cap City Tattoo in the Historic Old Towne of Columbus, Ohio.

Me Being Happy

Me, happy with my tattoo

Cap City Tattoo is owned by Ali Macgregor, an awesome artist who has been featured in a ton of magazines and is one of very few tattoo shop owners. After hanging out at a local coffee shop with our friends Chris and Kenzie she drew up a great tattoo based off my references and soon I was under the gun. Her design was custom and included two flowers, and three leaves with a graphic element. I didn’t want the tattoo to look “realistic” but wanted it to look like someone just took a sharpie and drew flowers on my forearm. After talking with Ali we decided to have some shading around the inside of the flowers as you can see in the picture.

Art Nouveau Floral Tattoo

Art Nouveau Floral

The tattoo itself took a little over an hour and was really painless which was surprising because of the placement. Although the tattoo didn’t hold a ton of meaning (I’m not big on meaningful, emotional tattoos) I am excited that it can/will represent my bond with my sister and my mum while I’m away in India, Thailand, and Cambodia. Whenever I look down I can remember that I have family in the states and that our love and genuine fondness of one another will help me through tough times when I’m away.

Art Nouveau Floral Tattoo Close Up

Close Up: Still Healing

Dustin also got a tattoo that was smaller on his wrist that says the word “Action.” This correlates with his “Faith” tattoo because actions without faith is meaningless and vice versa. An artist named Phill DeAngulo did his and rocked it out. You can check out Cap City Tattoo here and show them some love. If you’re in the area also grab some coffee at the shop across the street. They roast their own beans and have a killer caramel latte.