Dustin and Tiffany at Buy Art Not PeopleOnce getting married Dustin and Tiffany Montgomery set out to move to the city. After working 9 to 5 jobs and embracing the city life in Chicago, they realized that life was meant for so much more than success and materialism. Living for the weekends became tiring and after dreaming of an escape from the mundane they felt called to reroute their journey. Not only was life going to look different, it would feel different too. In the fall of 2011, they left the city and moved to the sleepy town of Delaware, Ohio where they are saving up before heading out to live as digital nomads. They plan on wandering through India, making friends, sharing their lives with others, and serving with numerous organizations.

The philosophy that life is short and worth embracing leads them in this journey as well as their personal faith. Whether swimming in underground caverns in Mexico or getting tattoos in Chicago, Tiff and Dust live life to the fullest and challenge others to do the same with laughter and joy. Through this blog and their life the Montgomery’s desire to inspire everyone that has ever wondered if there was more to this life. They live, write, explore, learn, and serve to assure you there is.