Choosing the Best Travel Laptop

What is the best travel laptop? Unfortunately there is no cut and dry answer to this question. Each person has different needs and will be traveling to different places. This was the most difficult travel purchase for me by far. When you spend as much time in front of the computer as I do, a


I held onto my blanket in the car as Dustin drove to Grady Memorial Hospital. I was sweating and having a hard time concentrating on the road. In less than an hour I would have a foot long needle inserted into my spine for a lumbar puncture to determine what was causing my debilitating headaches.

The Mix Reflection
Top Ten Las Vegas

Phew! It’s been a long trip out West. We explored Las Vegas from August 26th to August 31st and even grabbed our first redeye flight together home. From laying in the best KOHLER soaking tub in the world to partying over the city lights at Mix Lounge we had a blast. Here’s our top ten