Tiffany's Long Hair
On Cutting My Hair

It began in middle school, really. I remember looking around the home class and staring at every other girls’ hair, outfit, and painted faces. Comparing myself to the countless blue-shadowed adversaries I found I was lacking in everything. How could I grab Andrew’s attention, (the top basketball/football player with gorgeous blue eyes and witty humor)

We Would Love To Win & Humbly Appreciate Your Help (I Am Intrepid Competition)

Hi friends. A HUGE request that would really help us here at I have been writing about my travel experiences since I was old enough to hold a compass. There is an amazing opportunity to get my writing recognized and win us a trip to ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD for 4 people (including airfare).

How To Extract Venom From A Snake Bite
Red Phone Booth
Our Extensive London List

London has always fascinated me. When I was younger I remember watching Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in the horribly cliche’ movie Winning London and dreaming of laughing at the Queen’s red cladded guards and exploring the cities’ beautiful royal monuments (ok, I admit I had the faux suede hat and tie dye pants). Whether catching

What To Do With City? (Kitty)

I’m on a beach. There’s a breeze and my hair is being tousled. The sun is beating down on my face and as I stretch I hear a scratching noise above my head. What is that noise I think to myself, the soft tap tap tap…then splash! Before I can awake from my dream I

bright and happy highway near the coast
Becoming a Digital Nomad

Full time travel is becoming an increasingly available option to many people thanks to the Digital Age in which we live. Those who can work remotely and travel have been labeled Digital Nomads. But how exactly do you get started on this path that others only dream of? Below I’ve listed the three main things

Clothing Racks
What Clothing Do You Pack For An Indefinite Trip Across the World?

After confirming our plane tickets to New Delhi, India it occurred to me that: 1. We were truly leaving to travel the world. 2. Dustin was frowning about checking luggage as it can be an extra $100 per person. 3. I would need to pack all of my belongings in my carry on backpack

Exofficio Womens Underwear Packed
I Never Dreamt Of Wearing One Pair Of Underwear For a Year (Or Two)…

But, ExOfficio had it in mind before I had ever heard of travel underwear or their kick butt brand of world travel clothing. Now let me be clear, I like my underwear just as you do clean and comfortable but if there’s a way to travel with less and still get those qualities sign me

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