Living In Lakeview at The Belmont

Living at The Belmont in Lakeview was an absolute blast. While I worked in Chicago my husband Dustin and I lived in a studio on the water. There were awesome concierge’s (Shout out to Ibraham, Marcus, & John) and amazing views of Belmont Harbor. It was an absolute blast living on the tenth floor and

Art Nouveau Tattoo

I’ve been wanting another tattoo for awhile before leaving for India in July. It just so happened that I was sick for Valentine’s Day so I asked Dustin if I could get a tattoo instead of a romantic date. He obliged and before I knew it we were both at Cap City Tattoo in the

Khara Ledonne: Art Around Your Neck

Khara Ledonne switches from painting huge scale murals to teeny tiny lockets. I first fell in love with her whimsical lockets about the size of a traditional marble in Lincoln Square in Chicago at a small art store called Sacred Art. One of my friends Lisa is the Curator there. I gasped and opened all of

A Chicagoan’s Love For Argo Tea

Argo Tea is the new “Starbucks” of tea and Chicagoans know it. Advancing to Boston, New York, and St. Louis, this tea shop knows tea! With the zen-like green logo and enticing glass tea pots this tea shop located in numerous places around Chicago including Lakeview, the Loop and Streeterville, is a new hang out

Not Tea, But Tequila & Tropics

In the southern region of Cancun one can find the unfinished five star resort Playa Del Palmar. Hovering over the Caribbean facing the Isle of Mujeres, the ten story resort adds a dash of color to the blue sky with brown and burnt orange rooms and outward accents. Through a wonderful deal offered by

Windy City, Warm Tea: Intelligentsia Coffee

If you ever find yourself wandering around north Broadway Avenue in Chicago you may stop in your tracks as hypnotic fumes fill your lungs. You may also grab the arm of the nearest person around you and ask with urgency what this smell could possible be in all of the earth and how you can